All weatherboards are produce from Pine clears H3.2 pre primed and supplied in random lengths.

Prices (Pre-primed)

  • Pine H3.2 Ex 250x25 Bevel Back$19.45/m
  • Pine H3.2 Ex 225x25 Bevel Back$17.50/m
  • Pine H3.2 Ex 200x25 Bevel Back$15.55/m


Comes in various profiles T&G, TG&V single sided, TG& V double sided. Options of H3.2 or untreated and preprimed or unpainted.

Prices (Pre-primed | Unpainted)

  • Pine H3.2 Ex 100x25 T&G/V$8.25/m | $7.25/m
  • Pine H3.2 Ex 150x25 T&G/V$11.87/m | $10.87/m
  • Pine H3.2 Ex 100x15 T&G/V$6.15/m | $5.10/m
  • Pine H3.2 Ex 150x15 T&G/V$8.70/m | $7.65/m
  • Pine UT Ex 100x25 T&G/V$7.65/m | $6.65/m
  • Pine H3.2 Ex 150x25 T&G/V$10.95/m | $9.95/m
  • Pine H3.2 Ex 100x15 T&G/V$5.75/m | $4.65/m
  • Pine H3.2 Ex 150x15 T&G/V$8.10/m | $7.10/m

Prices Shown are retail and exclude GST. Discounts available.